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What liquid can be packaged by dual neck bottle with measured chamber

Jason Nov 24,2018 Share this post:

What liquid can be packaged by dual neck bottle with measured chamber

The dual neck bottle(also be called two neck bottle or double neck bottle) is also a functional packaging,this bottle has unique shape and measured function.

This two neck bottle has advantages compared with the common bottle and the bottle with measuring cup.

  1. the two neck bottle has two chamber,one chamber is the filling chamber,the other one is the pouring chamber and measuring chamber,so the double neck bottle is equivalent to integrate the bottle with the measuring cup,you also don't worry that the measuring cup lost.

  2. the two neck bottle has measuring chamber,so you can get the exact dosage,when you use the liquid which is packaged by the dual neck bottle

  3. using the dual neck bottle is easy and convenient,when you use the dual neck bottle,you can do the following steps.

    1. don't open the two neck's cap,then gently squeeze the filled liquid chamber of bottle with one hand

    2. then you can see the liquid is accessing the small measuring chamber,you can loose your hand until the liquid reach your scale in the measuring chamber

    3. then you can open the measuring chamber's cap and pour the measured liquid

These are some advantages of the dual neck bottle,because of these,many veterinary drug manufacturer,disinfectant factory start to use the two neck bottle to package their products.

Today i will introduce some liquid which has been package by the dual neck bottle.

  1. the liquid veterinary drug which has wood tars, turpentine oils and methylated spirits,this medicine may assist in relieving gastric discomfort and help counteract the griping action of purgatives.

  2. the liquid which combine with electrolytes, glycine (an amino acid) and glucose can contribute to electrolyte replacement resulting from sweat loss during strenuous long distance exercise and transportation especially during hot weather.

  3. the liquid supplement which can supply trace-minerals and vitamin to animals

  4. the mild diuretic that increases the volume of urine excreted, increases the thirst and fluid intake, whilst providing a beneficial urinary alkalising action to flush the kidneys of excess acid after fast exercise.

  5. Used the twin neck bottle for packaging sanitizing solution,It helps one consistently portion the correct amount of bleach without spilling on yourself.

These are the applications of dual neck bottle which are discovered by us,you can use this bottle to packaging many kinds of liquid.

I think this bottle can make measuring is easy.And if you want to know more about this dual neck bottle,you can contact me.

Finally,i will leave a picture of this bottle.

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