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How to Measure cc on a Veterinary Syringe

Carrie Jan 29,2018 Share this post:

Many farmers and veterinarians don’t know how to use veterinary syringe and even how to see the volume you have used for animals. So which need veterinary syringe manufacturers show the using details for people.

veterinary syringe

Xinfuda as a Chinese syringe manufacturer, we want to give more details for our customers to offer you a wonderful feeling. There are seven sizes veterinary syringe including 5ml, 8ml, 13ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml and 60ml. Of course, there isn’t any scale on the small volume syringe due to its disposable, but we do scales on the plunger and controlled by ring. Just like the following picture.

60ml dial a dose syringe

Veterinarians can adjust the ring to control the volume they used for animals, just turn the ring to a given location. And then push the plunger until the ring, which is accurate for animals usage.

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