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The Selection of Plastic Injection Syringe

Carrie Jun 14,2017 Share this post:

Plastic injection syringe usually used in udder injector, intramammary injector, oral paste syringe and so on. Different injection liquid need different injection way, in the past, glass syringe and meal syringe are popular, however, plastic injection syringe is used in various ares. Plastic injection syringes use convenient, low cost, disposable use can effectively prevent the spread of the disease.

plastic injection syringe with dosage

Plastic injection syringe mainly through high pressure makes the solution by hole of very fine liquid column, so as to realize the injection. Plastic injection syringe used in cow mastitis syringe, there are many sizes including 8ml, 10ml, 13ml, 20ml, 30ml, 60ml. Depending on the different injection volume, you can choose different sizes plastic injection syringe.

plastic veterinary syringe

Xinfuda Medical Packaging as the biggest plastic syringe manufactured supplier in China, welcome to our factory inspection.

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