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Veterinary Disposable Plastic Syringe

Carrie May 24,2017 Share this post:

Veterinary disposable plastic syringe is used in farm or veterinary factory. Plastic syringe can contain the precision placement and dosing of paste, liquid, and gel formulations, which is convenient for people to use.

veterinary plastic syringe

Veterinary disposable plastic syringe has six size including 8ml, 10ml, 13ml, 20ml, 30ml, 60ml. They are white color and also can be produced in different colors. 30ml and 60ml dose control syringe without needle usually used in pet oral paste syringe, other veterinary syringe with needle mainly used in intramammary syringe and cockroach killing syringe.

instramammary syringe

Veterinary disposable plastic syringe made of PE raw material, PE veterinary syringe has excellent low temperature, the weak acid alkaline solution (pH 5-9) at room temperature. But the anti-oxidant corrosion, in the presence of the atmosphere, sunlight and oxygen, is ageing and crispy.

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