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Dry Powder Inhaler

Mar 12,2016 Share this post:

Twisting Single-dose Oral Dry Powder Inhaleris the latest developed product of Shijiazhuang Xinfuda Medical Packaging Co., Ltd. Currently the product is domestic origination in China. Now we have got "Certificate of Utility Model Patent", and  preliminary examination of the "Certificate of Invention Patent" has been processed. The dry powder inhaler changed the traditional dosing and cure method, and the similar product has been generalized in the U.S. and Europe, but it is new to China now. This product is inhaling by mouth, with the best effect and precise dosage. It is the best method to dosing for cure the asthma and pulmonary diseases, especially for the patients who need the long-term medication. In the current state, the air in China is heavily polluted, this product brings the good news to the patients who have suffered pulmonary and rhinal diseases, such as asthma. For now, we are cooperating with CF PharmTech Co., Ltd to develop the multi-dose Oral Dry Powder Inhaler. Also, the CF PharmTech established the R&D platform for research and developing the various inhaler, and the Dry Powder Inhaler which is declared will be listed on the market. At the same time, our company actively exploring the international market for selling the inhaler, and we will have a great market potential in the future!

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