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Name:250ml plastic PE liquid injection vaccine bottle for animal


Sizes:H:129mm   D:63mm   Light:38g


Cap:Rubber and stopper

Certificate:ISO, DMF, CE,SGS


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With high temperature and pressure sterilization, or EO sterile, we produce vaccine vails stay clean, so that medicine can be directly filled inside.  Injection blow moulding process keep Fudaplastic vaccine vails non-leakage and good appearance.

1>Sterile packaging                               

 2>High-temperature resistant             

 3>High-pressure resistant                     

 4> EO sterilization                                  

 5> International standard caliber               


 7>Uniform wall thickness

The producing of vaccine vials.

Folw line production.

flow-line production

The packaging of vaccine vials.

First, put the bottles in a bag

Second, seal the bags

Third, put the bags into cartons

Fourth, seal the cartons

Fudaplastic offers logo and label printing on tube              

Different colors vials and cap are available                               

Customized shape design for you.

Fuda Plastic Logistics Dept. will arrange delivery directly from our factory to the Xingang Port warehouse in four hours.    

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