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Name:200g PET CRC Bottle E142


Sizes:H:10.9cm(matel cap) /11.1cm(CRC)      Φ:6cm


Cap:Matel or CRC



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Fuda Plastic produces Childproof cap since 2003, with excellent sealing and  high security performance, we do considerable improvments depanding on humanized concept. With years of developing, we upgrade the childproof healthy care container. That is to combine childproof and  moisture proof together. We are always on the way of getting packaging more convenient and more safer.

• High security                                  

• Excellent sealing performance        

• Child-resistant closures                     

•  Uniform wall thickness                 

• Multi-function and multi-usage package design         

• Fudaplastic offers label printing on healthy care bottle              • Different colors are available                     • Customized shape design for  you   


• Fuda Plastic Logistics Dept. will arrange delivery directly from our factory to the Xingang Port warehouse in four hours. 

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