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vaccine bottle forming method

Carrie May 19,2020 Share this post:

What is the method of forming high temperature resistant vaccine bottles? One stretch blow molding. Heat the stretch-blow mold to 100 ~ 180 ℃, then place the reheated parison in the stretch-blow mold, perform stretch blow molding for one time, and persist for a few seconds or more than ten seconds to make the product crystallize after sufficient mold. The forming method of one-time stretch blow molding has the following characteristics:

50ml vaccin vials

1. The equipment layout is simple and the floor space is small. You can also add the heating equipment and cooling container of the stretch blow mold to the original molding equipment (the number of cooling containers depends on the production status) to complete the PET plastic bottle Heating treatment.

2. Directly heat the mold of the high-temperature oral liquid bottle for heating treatment, and the heat energy loss is small.

3. The forming method of primary stretch blow molding has a low disposal temperature and a low degree of crystallization of the product, and its acceptable hot filling temperature is lower than that of secondary stretch blow molding.

4. Although it is a one-time stretch blow molding and heating treatment, the product still needs to be cooled and processed, and the total molding time is extended instead.

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