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The characteristics of plastic veterinary udder syringe

Carrie Apr 24,2020 Share this post:

The characteristics of plastic veterinary udder syringe:

plastic veterinary syringe

There should be no leakage at the seal of the pipe cap and the seal of the piston

Lubricity The push rod piston should move smoothly without sudden stops.

Residue on ignition * must not exceed 0.1% (remaining residue on bottles containing sunscreen should not exceed 3.0%)

Leachate * PH change value: the difference between the two does not exceed 1.0

Heavy metals: must not exceed one part per million

Easy oxide: no more than 1.5ml

Non-volatile matter: no more than 12.0mg

Decolorization experiment * Do not go deeper than the blank solution

Residue of ethylene oxide * ≤1 µg / ml

Sterile should be sterile

Abnormal toxicity * should comply with regulations

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