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Analysis of blood body fluid testing market

Carrie Apr 15,2020 Share this post:

The blood body fluid testing market mainly includes coagulation testing, blood cell analysis, urine analysis, urine tangible analysis, etc. The overall market accounts for about 10% of the IVD market, maintaining a growth of 10%.

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At present, foreign-funded enterprises have an absolute advantage in China's blood coagulation market, which is expected to occupy more than 80% of the market share. With the continuous deepening of graded diagnosis and treatment policies in the past two years and the continuous promotion of related concepts such as community hospitals, the market for mid- and low-end hemagglutinators will increase significantly; Will gradually integrate and upgrade, and continue to move towards automation.

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Blood cell counting products are composed of blood cell analyzer, reagents, calibrators and quality control products. Hematology analyzer is one of the most widely used instruments in clinical testing in hospitals. With the rapid development of computer technology in recent years, the technology of hematology analysis has also changed from three-group to five-group. As a key implementation of sinking medical and health resources, the five-category blood cell analyzer is gradually popularized in primary-level medical institutions, but the clinical examination laboratory of the primary-care medical institution has a small area, many instruments and limited space. The development direction of the instrument. The blood analyzer product market is the most successful subdivision of Chinese product brand substitution in the entire Chinese IVD industry market. It is relatively mature, with a domestic share of more than 50%. The three-class instruments are mainly made in China, and the imported products are concentrated in the five-class.

As one of the routine medical detection methods, urine detection analyzer occupies a position that cannot be ignored in medical packaging and medical devices. In the past, foreign brands have always occupied a high proportion of the market share in this field, and they have been in a leading position in R & D and technology. As the technology of domestic brands matures, there are many domestic suppliers, and the market share of imported brands declines. Domestic brands gradually replace imports, and the market share exceeds 50%.

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