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veterinary syringes ethylene oxide sterilization

Carrie Mar 27,2020 Share this post:

Now veterinary syringes manufacturer use ethylene oxide and Co 60 to sterile veterinary syringe,the eo sterilization is used more widely than Co 60.Because Co 60 sterilization is more expensive than eo sterilization.

veterinary syringe

The eo sterilization has some advantages.the eo sterilization can kill all microorganism,include bacterial spore.If the syringe has been steriled,you can pack the steriled syringe by packaging to keep the syringe steriling.The ethylene oxide don't etch plastic,metal and rubber material.The ethylene oxide can penetrate irregular products.

The Co 60 sterilization is a radiation sterilization.The Co 60 sterilization has strong penetrating power.So the Co 60 sterilization can sterile all parts without opening packaging. The Co 60 can sterile on normal temperature and pressure.

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