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Seal principle of vaccine bottle cap

Carrie Feb 24,2020 Share this post:

It is particularly important to improve the sealing and blocking property of the bottle mouth and increase the wetting effect. The selection of sealing method is determined by the design of the bottle mouth and cap. The cap and cap of oral liquid cooperate with each other to seal the bottle mouth with the locking of the external thread of the bottle mouth and the internal thread of the vaccine bottle cap.

vaccine bottle

If the flat seal with the lock of the bottle cap, the oral liquid bottle mouth plane and the inner plane of the bottle cap will be sealed gasket (such as rubber, cardboard, etc.) pressing contact, so as to achieve the sealing effect; The sidewall seal is that with the locking of the cap, the cap will be made into an inverted cone or olive-shaped inner plug (which can be either alone or integrated with the cap) pressing into the inner side of the cap, and sealing will be achieved by the interference fit between the size of the inner plug and the inner diameter of the cap.

The seal of the mouth of oral liquid bottle is generally sealed by the side wall, the bottle cap is of the inner plug type, and there is an anti-fake ring attached to the cap by a serrate bridge. When the bottle is opened, the bridge is broken and the anti-fake ring falls off, indicating that the bottle cap has been opened. The screw thread of the bottle neck and cap can be designed as single head, double head or triple head, and the thread section can be designed as semicircle, triangle, trapezoid, etc. The sealing of the cap and the bottle neck, as well as the ease and convenience of opening and screw-fitting, should be considered in which form to adopt.

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