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Disinfectant bottles need attention in the production process

Carrie Feb 17,2020 Share this post:

In the current environment of national anti-epidemic, the consumption of all kinds of disinfectants is huge, so the consequent market demand for disinfectant packaging bottles is also increasing rapidly. The quality of disinfectant bottles in the market is uneven, so how to ensure the quality of bottle body products is an important problem.

disinfectant bottle

The following 4 points should be paid attention to in the formation of disinfectant bottle:

1. Make the disinfectant bottle wall thickness uniform. The printing appearance should be smooth and continuous; If the liquid plastic bottle contains handles, grooves, reinforcement and other structures, attention should be paid to the control wall thickness and packaging strength of the bottle.

2. Printed side of disinfectant bottle. Design should be careful not to cause inconvenience to the printing operation. The face of the logo should be made smooth.

3. When the disinfectant bottle is labeled. It doesn't move. Plastic bottles, for example, are relatively thin in the middle.

4. Change the shape of the disinfectant bottle. The rigidity and bending resistance of plastic bottles can be improved by increasing the circumferential grooves or convex ribs of plastic bottles. Longitudinal grooves or stiffeners can eliminate migration, sagging or deformation of plastic bottles under temporary loads.

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