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Vaccine bottle appearance quality and characteristics requirements

Carrie Feb 14,2020 Share this post:

Veterinary vaccine bottle is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET). The product is composed of three parts: bottle body, bottle cap and sealing gasket.

vaccine bottle with rubber stopper

Appearance requirements for vaccine bottles:

Bottle mouth: the end face of the bottle mouth should be smooth, without breakage, and there is no nozzle defect in the bottle mouth

Bottle body: full shape, uniform color, no obvious color difference, no sand, no oil, no bubbles, no deformation, no obvious contraction, no obvious scratch

Bottom of bottle: the bottle can stand smoothly

Cover: cover should be formed full, uniform color, no obvious color difference, no oil, no obvious shrinkage, thread cleaning, no deformation

Gasket: seal gasket

Characteristics of oral liquid bottle:

The identification should be consistent with the control map

No water or bubbles are allowed in the sealed bottle

Resistance to fall shall not rupture

Incandescent residue * ≤0.1% (residual residue of bottle containing sunscreen ≤3.0%)

Dissolution test * degree of clarification: solution should be clarified

PH change value: ≤1.0

Heavy metal: not more than one part per million

Easy oxide: ≤1.5ml

Nonvolatile: water ≤12.0mg

Absorbance: ≤0.10

The thermal bonding strength shall not be less than 7.0n /15mm

The color of immersion solution in decolorization test shall not be darker than that of blank solution

The number of microbial bacteria in each bottle shall not exceed 100cfu, the number of mold and yeast shall not exceed 100cfu, and escherichia coli shall not be detected

Abnormal toxicity * there should be no abnormal toxicity

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