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Notice on the emergency listing of disinfectants during the prevention and control of the new pneumonia epidemic

Carrie Feb 06,2020 Share this post:

The current situation of pneumonia infected by the new coronavirus is severe, and the supply of disinfectants is tight in some areas. In order to ensure the effective supply of disinfectants throughout the country, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

Alcohol disinfectants urgently marketed can be sold and used after passing the test (or entrusted test) by the product liability unit. The concentration of alcohol active ingredients in alcohol hand disinfectants is >60% (V/V).

  1. Chlorine-containing disinfectants, chlorine dioxide disinfectants and peroxyacetic acid disinfectants that are urgently marketed may be marketed for use after the product responsibility unit tests (or enlists tests) the content of active ingredients and the pH meet the relevant hygiene standards. The effective period of disinfectant is 3 months (except those with stability test report).

  2. For disinfectants that have been put on record and put on the market, if the product responsible unit increases the production line, production workshop or production site due to the expansion of its production scale, the product responsible unit may put the disinfectant on the market for use after it has tested (or commissioned to test) the content of the effective ingredients and pH of the disinfectant in accordance with relevant hygiene standards.

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