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Support new coronavirus outbreak prevention and control

Carrie Feb 03,2020 Share this post:

From December last year to February this year, the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia affected the hearts of Chinese people and all xinfuda people from wuhan, hubei province to 23 provinces. As the number of infected more and more, more and more medical protection supplies are in short supply, the current outbreak has entered a critical period! Xinfuda keeps paying attention to the progress of the epidemic, responds to the call of the state, does well in the production and deployment of drug packaging, and actively participates in the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection.

The major pharmaceutical companies have sent support letters, a difficult, plus support. Cities are blocked, but great love is not. As a manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging materials, xinfuda is fully aware of the severe situation, and it is our bouncier responsibility to support the prevention and control. On January 31, an emergency meeting was held, and the company took swift action to fully launch the emergency plan. In the unprecedented battle against the epidemic, xinfuda people showed their dedication and responsibility as medical packers.

Adhere to the temperature of the enterprise, "quality, efficient, sincere, responsibility" has been the values of xinfuda. In the pursuit of their own development at the same time, do not forget the original intention, with practical actions to fulfill corporate social responsibility and responsibility.

Within 24 hours after receiving help, xin fidelity full production, to ensure the emergency supplies, and colleagues to work overtime production, logistics brother delivery day and night, at the national people's struggle against the outbreak of the acute, xin fidelity people adhering to the consistent sense of responsibility and sense of mission, the motherland needs us, customer need us, we will fight for the first time the charge.

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