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Inject medicine to horse's mouth by syringe

Carrie Jan 30,2020 Share this post:

When your horse is dyspepsia, you need feed medicine to it. But feeding medicine to horse is difficult, you need think many ideas, like add medicine to horse food, inject medicine to horse's mouth and so on.

dial a dose syringe

Inject medicine to horse's mouth by syringe. This horse syringe is common in our life, the syringe is one kind of function package. Cause the syringe is not only used to package medicine, also can inject medicine.

Now there has one kind dial a dose syringe, this syringe is easy to use for horse, This syringe has unique structure, it compose of syringe tube, plunger, tip cap, piston.locating ring. The plunger can be printed scale, and match up with locating ring can control the usage amount.

How to use the oral paste veterinary syringe?

According to the horse condition, confirm the usage amount, then rotate the locationg ring to the confirmed dosage

Insert syringe tip to horse mouth, then inject medicine

Must confirm the horse swallow the medicine

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