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Defects of plastic veterinary syringe

Carrie Mar 11,2020 Share this post:

Talk about the common defects of plastic veterinary syringe.

Vacuum voids / air pockets,Vacuum voids are pockets of air trapped within or close to the surface of an injection molded prototype.Vacuum voids are often caused by uneven solidification between the surface and the inner sections of the prototype.

Warping,Warping is deformation that can occur in injection molded products when different parts of a component shrink unevenly.plastic materials can warp during the cooling process when uneven shrinkage puts undue stress on different areas of the molded part. This undue stress results in bending or twisting of the finished part as it cools.

cockroach gel syringe

Burn marks,Burn marks generally appear as black or rust-colored discoloration on an edge or surface of a molded plastic part.

Weld Lines,Weld lines is discoloured line where two flow fronts meet.Weld lines are caused by the inadequate bonding of two or more flow fronts when there is partial solidification of the molten plastic.

Cracks,the syringe surface has crazing,the cracks are cause by improper fusion of two fluid flows

Flow Lines,Flow lines are streaks, patterns, or lines.The flow lines are caused by the varying speed at which the molten plastic flows as it changes direction through the contours and bends inside the mold tool.

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Sink Marks,Sink marks are small recesses or depressions in an otherwise flat and consistent surface of a molded part. These can occur when the inner part of a molded component shrinks, pulling material from the outside inward.

The veterinary syringe has five parts,and the five parts are injection molding products,so when you are choosing this syringe,you need observe the all five parts.

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