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sterilization ways of plastic veterinary vaccine bottles

Carrie Jan 05,2020 Share this post:

Three kinds of common sterilization ways which is used in vaccine bottle manufacturer.

EO(ethylene oxide) is short for ethylene oxide.The EO sterilization is that using the ethylene oxide gas to sterile the bottle inside.This sterilization way can effectively kill all microorganism include bacterial spore,after finish sterile,the vaccine bottles are packaged by plastic bag,then the vaccine bottles can keep sterile before the bottle is used.And the EO don't corrode plastic,rubber and metal,and EO gas can penetrat the irregular products.

vaccine bottles

High temperature setrilization.The technology is that the bacteria can't bear the high temperature,so people use the high temperature to kill the bacteria and bacterial spore

Co 60 radiation sterilization.The radiation can destroy the cell nucleus of bacteria and have higher penetrating power,so the  radiation can uniformly irradiate all parts of the vaccine bottle,so can thoroughly sterile.The radiation sterilization don't have pollution,vestigital,this way is quick and convenient.

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