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Butyl rubber stoppers and natural rubber stoppers

Carrie Jan 02,2020 Share this post:

A new type of bottle cap composed of aluminum cap and plastic cap by hot pressing riveting. This bottle cap is mainly used for bottle mouth packaging of antibiotic powder injections, infusion preparations, freeze-dried preparations and oral liquid preparations. Contact is a disposable packaging product. Butyl rubber stoppers with non-toxic, non-pollution, good air tightness, heat resistance, aging resistance, low folding and purity of materials.

vaccine bottle with rubber and stopper

Natural rubber was eliminated due to its impure properties, poor chemical resistance and poor sealing properties. Because the oral liquid bottle uses butyl rubber stopper, after the bottle is sterilized at high temperature, the butyl rubber stopper has higher expansion performance than the natural rubber stopper and has a higher rebound property (this is caused by different molecular structures). The characteristics that can improve the quality of drug storage and safety in use are recognized and widely adopted internationally.

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