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Twin neck bottles with measuring cap

Carrie Dec 30,2019 Share this post:

Twin neck bottles are also known in the packaging industry as double neck bottles, dosing bottles and measuring bottles. They are widely available in two different styles: single-neck bettix bottles and twin-neck measure & pour dispensing bottles. These dosing containers are commonly used for soaps, detergents, automotive fluids, household cleaners and much more.

twin neck bottle

The design of these measuring bottles is what makes this package truly unique. The twin neck measure and pour dispensing bottle has two different 1 oz chambers. One chamber is responsible for storing the liquid and the other is used for dispensing the product. The single neck measure and pour bottle only has one 1 oz chamber. With both of these bottles, it allows the consumer to measure and pour a specific dosage by simply squeezing the bottle. 

500ml double neck bottle

All of our measure and pour bottles are made from HDPE plastic and have 28-410 neck finishes. The HDPE plastic material gives these measuring bottles great barrier properties at an affordable cost. If required, Kaufman Container can also fluorinate the bottle for extra strength. We stock both the 16 oz and 32 oz bottles, which are available for wholesale or bulk quantities.

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