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Biologic Packaging-COP Bottle

Carrie Dec 20,2019 Share this post:

COP vials are made from cyclic olefin polymers (COP); polymers are considered to be more stable materials than glass. Compared with most glass bottles, COP has no protein adsorption, which can well ensure the content of active ingredients in medicines. Due to the use of polymer materials, it has a high-end positioning in the industry compared to most vials. Particularly suitable for complex molecules and sensitive drugs that require high stability.

COP vials

Cyclo Olefin Polymer Vial, "compliance", "quality", "cost-effectiveness", and "consistency" are generally the primary concerns of biopharmaceutical companies; keywords such as "type", "protein adsorption", and "polymer" are considered very important The proportion is 30% and the remaining 70% are considered to be of medium importance.

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