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Examination of high density polyethylene bottles

Carrie Dec 09,2019 Share this post:

In the inspection project of high-density polyethylene bottles, the extract test is a very important physical and chemical performance test. It is mainly used to simulate the state of drug packaging materials and containers. The test results of various solvent extract tests are used to control product quality. The solvents commonly used in the national standard pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging material extract test are water, 65% ethanol and n-hexane.

60ml plastic pill container

The more important one in the leachables test is the detection of non-volatile matter. The evaporation residues of plastic materials of different materials are different. The polyethylene (PE) material has the highest risk of unqualified non-volatile matter in the normal gas phase. It is appropriate to combine oral conditions with oral solid Uncertainty measurement of non-hexane in medicinal high-density polyethylene bottles was evaluated.

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