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What is the advantage of rubber and stopper

Carrie Dec 05,2019 Share this post:

Aluminum rubber and stopper cap is a kind of medicine packaging material used with oral liquid bottles, which has the following advantages:

vaccine bottle

1. The aluminum cap of the oral liquid bottle has excellent sealability: this is the most basic function as the packaging material, and the most important function. Only a good sealed aluminum lid can guarantee the quality of the drug.

2. Beautiful: Not only reflects the beautiful and generous features, but also highlights the user's level and height.

3. Safety guarantee: The antibacterial aluminum cover will not volatilize or modify the drug, which fully guarantees the safety of users and patients.

4. It has good flexibility and can be compared with rubber cover.

5. The aluminum cap of the oral liquid bottle is not only beautiful, but also protects the content products from damage. Jinyuan oral liquid aluminum cap can be produced according to customer requirements.

6. The aluminum cover is made of high-quality aluminum material, which is hygienic and does not rust. It is easy to open and does not require auxiliary tools. After opening, the bottle cap is destructive and can effectively prevent theft.


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