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What are the causes of black spots in vaccine bottles

Carrie Nov 21,2019 Share this post:

What are the main reasons for the black spots in the vaccine bottle? Generally speaking, it is mainly divided into the following six aspects!

Reasons for the mold: The pre-production degreasing inspection can effectively prevent the oily and rust-stained products and the flow material from being mixed into the pulverized material and used (especially during the production process rather than during the initial test); If the gates of the mold are too small or rough, a large amount of friction heat will be generated. If the mold is poorly ventilated, the gas will burn to produce obvious black streaks (black spots).

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Reasons for production equipment: The dryer motor has long-term operation, and it has to be cleaned regularly. The filter of the dryer must also be cleaned and replaced regularly. Otherwise, it will enter foreign matter or the material will change color and agglomerate due to poor ventilation; dryer The barrel is not (completely) sealed due to negligence of the operator or insufficient operation equipment, resulting in dust entering the air; or dust scattering, contaminating the surrounding products and materials in the pulverizer; or the barrel is too large, easy to operate, neglect Factors such as corners (feed pipes and their interfaces) cause the barrel to be completely clean during refueling.

Long-term production and operation, usually not well protected, dust on the equipment, resulting in the shadow of the mixing machine is not in place, resulting in contamination and contamination of other materials; the crusher is used as black and white as possible; the nozzle aperture is too small or inside Roughness will generate a lot of friction heat. If the mold is poorly ventilated, it will cause the gas to burn to produce obvious black streaks (black spots); the barrel or the rubber head will wear out, and when the crack is bent, the polymer will be overheated. Black lines (black spots).

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