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dual chamber bottle for liquid

Carrie Nov 15,2019 Share this post:

Plastic twin neck bottles are double neck bottles that allow for controlled dispensing as the second chamber eliminates the need for additional measuring. Twin neck bottles are also known as “Bettix Twin Neck Bottles” and are suitable for industrial, agricultural and animal care products. Please note that each bottle requires two caps.

twin neck bottle

A dual chamber bottle is a highly effective container for the storage and distribution of a wide range of herbicides. A professionally designed and manufactured dual chamber bottle is an easy and proficient solution if you have been looking for an effective way to package a liquid and powder product into a single container. This bottle is designed to safely and accurately measure concentrates minimising the risk of spillage.

usage of twin neck bottle

Made from a durable semi-opaque plastic for visibility of liquid with measuring markings up to 100ml. Ideal for accurately measuring chemicals and herbicides.

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