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Dispensing bottle using way

Carrie Nov 13,2019 Share this post:

Dispensing bottles are widely used in the following markets: horticulture, animal health, herbal supplements, fuel additives, pond/aquarium treatments, industrial and domestic cleaning markets.

twin neck bottle

In use, loosen the chamber cap, gently squeeze the filled dispenser bottle with one hand, filling the dosing chamber to the required amount. The chamber cap is then removed allowing the measured amount to be dispensed with ease from the chamber. Spillage of toxic substances is avoided and the dispenser container overcomes the traditional two-handed filling of liquids into a separate measuring cap.

use way

Compatibility  testing is always advisable so we are happy to supply samples free of charge for you to try with your products. Please contact our sales team.

Fluoro-Seal Treatment available for aggressive chemicals, solvents, fuel treatments etc. We offer a free-of-charge sample treatment service and technical advice. 

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