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Medicinal oral liquid bottle detection method

Carrie Nov 11,2019 Share this post:

Medicinal oral liquid bottle packaging must be highly valued, because packaging is a part of the product, is the means to put the product on the market, good packaging, in the premise of meeting the requirements of use, can add aesthetic appeal, stimulate purchase desire. It is imperative to ensure the quality of oral liquid bottles.

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Medicinal oral liquid bottle testing method:

1. To ensure the quality of raw materials, raw materials entering the factory are strictly in accordance with the standard requirements of physical and chemical properties, appearance, specifications and other technical indicators.

2. According to the system's classification criteria, card board detection, over-weighing weighing and sorting, sorting materials, and dividing into thin tubes, middle tubes and thick tubes.

3. Oral liquid bottle production workshop site, in strict accordance with the specifications and size, appearance quality of self-inspection, mutual inspection, inspection, and sampling inspection to ensure that products meet the standard requirements.

4. The quality inspection department conducts on-site inspection of the products, and the quality assurance department is responsible for product quality and pre-shipment inspection.

5. Inspection method: The stress detection is carried out using an inner diameter feeler gauge with a high precision of 0.02 mm. The height of the bottle mouth is measured with a precision of 0.01 mm, and the chemical stability is tested by a high pressure steam sterilizer.

6. After the product has been fully inspected, it must be sampled. The product must be inspected at the factory to ensure that the product quality meets the standard requirements.

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