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What are the main types of blow molding processes for vaccine vial

Carrie Oct 30,2019 Share this post:

If the number of steps of the molding process is different, the molding method of the plastic vaccine vial has the following two types.

vaccine vial

(cold preform). The vaccine bottle is formed in two machines, and the bottle model is molded, and the bottle model is stretch blow molded, which is completed in two steps. The prepared bottle model is cooled to room temperature; finally, the bottle model is heated and stretch blow molded. In this method, although there are many process steps and a large number of equipments, the molding process steps are simple, and most people can control them; at the same time, the equipment purchase cost is low; the bottle model forming and the stretch blow molding need to be separately performed in steps, so that Will be more conducive to more specialized, large-scale production.

(hot preform). Vaccine bottles are molded in the same machine. At the time of molding, the bottle model was subjected to stretch blow molding under conditions of not completely cooling.

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