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PP plastic bottle is the future development trend of pharmaceutical packaging materials

Carrie Oct 23,2019 Share this post:

More than 90% of oral liquid medicines and health care products on the market are still used in glass oral liquid bottles, controlled glass oral liquid bottles and PET polyester bottles, but the above packaging has its inherent disadvantages. For example, the glass bottle is brittle, easy to break, can not be squeezed, and brings inconvenience to production and transportation. Secondly, it must be cleaned, dried and disinfected before filling, which increases the production cost and increases the medicine. Production management and quality management requirements of production enterprises. Packed in PET polyester bottle, since the heat distortion temperature of PET material (at 1.85Mpa) is 85°C, when PET bottles are used to package medicines, the medicines can only be disinfected and sterilized before filling. Steam sterilization, which puts high demands on production equipment and the environment, increases production costs. Due to the above defects, PP polypropylene plastic bottles with high temperature resistance have replaced the above-mentioned packaging. PP plastic bottles will replace glass bottles and PET due to their good physical and chemical properties and excellent biocompatibility. Ester bottles are packaged and become the mainstream of pharmaceutical packaging.

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Application of PP plastic packaging in solid and liquid pharmaceutical packaging PP plastic bottles are packed in the field of solid pharmaceutical packaging, and have gradually replaced glass bottles and completely occupied a dominant position. In terms of liquid medicines, BOPP large infusion bottles have developed rapidly. In foreign countries, infusion medicines in general hospitals have almost completely replaced traditional glass bottles or flexible bags with BOPP plastic bottles. In China, the pattern of large infusion glass bottle packaging is changing rapidly. The BOPP large infusion bottle is showing strong growth momentum and will become the mainstream packaging form of large infusion drugs in the future. In addition, in terms of oral liquid, domestic oral liquid bottles should reach a market capacity of 2 to 30 billion, and increase year by year. Moreover, more than 90% of them are glass bottles or PET bottles. Therefore, PP plastic bottles are used as substitutes for bottles for oral liquid packaging, and the market prospect is broad. As the first manufacturer to introduce PP plastic bottle packaging, we will try our best to promote the upgrading of market products and promote the development of the industry. The compliance of PP oral liquid plastic bottles is very strict. The production conditions of pharmaceutical packaging materials are quite strict. The production conditions of Class I pharmaceutical packaging materials are equivalent to the production conditions of pharmaceuticals, and the FDA has also vigorously rectified the pharmaceutical packaging materials market. Many standard measures Make some companies with poor production conditions discouraged.

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