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What's the advantage of inactivated vaccine

Carrie Oct 15,2019 Share this post:

The inactivated vaccine is relative to the live vaccine. The vaccine is also widely used in the clinic. The inactivated vaccine basically occupies other parts besides the live vaccine and plays a role in the immunization work of the farm. Play a pivotal role. 

vaccine vial


1. Stable, easy to store and transport 

2. not affected by circulating antibodies 

3. Good safety, can kill any biological factors that may be contaminated. 


1. May damage or change effective antigenic determinants during inactivation. It requires multiple injections, and it is necessary to carry out booster immunization. 

2 The immune effect is maintained for a short period of time. No local antibody is produced. 

3. It can only be inoculated by injection (usually intramuscular injection).

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