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Plastic vaccine vial advantage

Carrie Oct 10,2019 Share this post:

Veterinary medicine plastic vaccine bottles are cleaner product containers. The production of clean and clean product containers is an inherent advantage of the one-step technique, because the storage of the two-step preform is reduced, the secondary processing and post-processing of the extrusion blow technology are reduced, and dust impurities are avoided in the bottle wall surface. Stacking, avoiding the touch of hands and preforms, containers, and then beneficially reduce the pollution of bacteria.

vaccine vial

The vaccine vial will become the protagonist of the medicine packaging, but the environmental protection, safety, health and other issues are also concerned by the community. It greatly improves the cleanliness and non-polluting of veterinary drug plastic bottle container, ensures the high quality level of the container and has a long-lasting shelf life, meets the national cleaning rules and regulations, and is accustomed to GMP processing requests.

The plastic vaccine bottle is a kind of plastic packaging for veterinary medicine. It can produce the main effects and functions in the practice of packaging, and it must be produced in the process of the actual processing demand to ensure the veterinary medicine plastic bottle has outstanding use in the application. Product features and advantages. In order to get used to the changes in consumer environmental protection, pharmaceutical packaging companies have begun to develop "green" packaging, mainly: recyclable green packaging, environmental conditioning packaging, high barrier packaging, aseptic packaging, antibacterial packaging. There are also some environmentally friendly and beautiful packaging materials, in addition to plastic packaging products, there will be more new packaging materials. As long as I pay attention to the development and research of new materials, I will definitely find suitable packaging materials. There should be excellent compatibility between the same drugs used to hold all kinds of drugs, that is, to ensure that the chemical reaction of certain substances in the glass containers cannot be caused by the instability of the chemical function of the glass containers in the production, storage and use of the drugs. And cause the variation or failure of the drug.

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