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how to reduce the fragile loss of vaccine vial

Carrie Sep 25,2019 Share this post:

A big disadvantage of vaccine bottles is that they are fragile and fragile affecting the market share of plastic bottles. However, when the oral liquid glass bottle is manufactured, the surface is easily broken after the surface treatment. In the process of transportation, it is transported by forklift to the long-distance truck, and it is required to be manually transported from the forklift to the truck. However, the oral liquid glass bottle is heavy, and it is inevitable that bumps will occur during the handling, and it will be severely damaged during transportation. Vibration will increase the fragility of oral liquid glass bottles.

vaccine bottle

When the animal oral liquid manufacturer fills in the late transportation, it is also prone to breakage, which will greatly increase the cost of the oral liquid bottle. At present, domestic manufacturers also use automata to produce small-capacity glass bottles. Due to the small capacity, the requirements for the initial mold and molding die of the assembly line are very strict. It is the multi-drop, multi-unit to ensure the temperature needs, so the production quantity will be high expectation.

No matter which process produces small-capacity glass bottles, the control of the mold material is very strict, and the small glass bottle finish will be directly related to the mold quality and insulation measures. Plastic vaccine vial can be modified to meet sterilization requirements. At present, the high-temperature sterilization of veterinary medicine plastic bottles does not exist in the national standard. Generally speaking, the 121 ° C half-hour sterilization we are talking about refers to the high-temperature sterilization national standard of glass bottles. Plastic oral liquid bottles do not produce glass debris compared to glass bottles, causing damage to the user. Plastic vaccine vials are generally produced in clean workshops. They can be sterilized by ethylene oxide sterilization equipment. Ethylene oxide sterilization has strong penetrating power. The sterilized oral liquid bottles can be processed under the whole package. Sterilize and sterilize thoroughly without residue.

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