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How to keep sealing of injection vials

Carrie Sep 24,2019 Share this post:

Most of the oral liquids are packaged in brown plastic bottles, and the aluminum-plastic composite cover is used to ensure the quality of the products. However, the aluminum-plastic composite cover is not used alone. There is a rubber plug or gasket between the aluminum cap and the medicine for sealing and isolating the oral liquid bottle.

vaccine bottles

The rubber plugs and gaskets in the aluminum cap of the oral liquid bottle are used as materials for two different direct products, and the nuclear registration materials are separately issued. According to this management, pharmaceutical manufacturers should purchase them separately from legitimate enterprises and use them in the filling room. At present, the general practice is: the pharmaceutical factory has the need to directly purchase the aluminum cover that has been assembled with rubber plugs (pads). The oral liquid aluminum cover provided by the pharmaceutical packaging material manufacturer is also equipped with different materials. (Pad), there are latex, silicone rubber, etc., then the assembly process of the inner plug and the aluminum cover is actually completed in the oral liquid cap manufacturing enterprise. This aluminum cover is already a composite product of two kinds of medicine packaging materials when it leaves the factory.

Theoretically, the bottle is sealed between the bottle mouth and the bottle cap by mutual thread contact. Of course, the larger the area between the thread and the bottle mouth, the better the degree of sealing. However, if the bottle opening is shortened, the oral liquid bottle cap is also shortened, and accordingly, the contact area between the thread and the bottle mouth is also reduced, which is disadvantageous for sealing. Therefore, after complicated tests (such as drop test, transportation test, etc.), now our company has a good thread design of the bottle mouth and cap to meet the sealing requirements of liquid products.

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