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Xinfuda employee birthday party

Carrie Sep 12,2019 Share this post:

Xinfuda Medical Packaging held an employee birthday party. 

Mr. Wang Jinjun, President of Xinfuda, took the lead to send a sincere blessing to the employees of the third quarter birthday, and thanked the employees for their hard work over the years, made great contributions to the company's development, and encouraged everyone to continue to work hard and make persistent efforts. At the same time, Song Zong, who is far away from the Zhangzhou factory, also sent blessings in the air!

At the same time, the leaders of various departments are full of concerns and expectations, and send a sincere blessing to the party!

At the party scene, surprises and emotions coexisted, and the family’s blessings, the children’s gratitude and the other half’s deep love slowly appeared on the big screen.

Champagne wine, accompanied by the familiar melody of "Happy Birthday", the birthday stars devoutly wish to make their wishes to the birthday candles, the face is full of sweetness and happiness.

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