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Why new plastic syringe is popular for medicine manufacturer

Carrie Sep 03,2019 Share this post:

The way medicines are packaged is transformed into refined, low-dose packages. Plastic syringes combine “storing drugs” with “injection functions” to make them safer, more precise and less polluting. The plastic syringe is a new, practical, new type of injection.

plastic syringe manufacturer

The traditional injection method may cause contamination of the liquid medicine due to improper operation during the injection process, and the plastic syringe can provide a more efficient and economical drug delivery method. Precise medication, high drug use rate, safe drug delivery and other advantages. Received universal recognition and application . The veterinary plastic syringe abandons the cumbersome operation of the penetrating injection method, allowing the drug solution to be injected in one step. It has been adopted by more and more veterinary drugs companies.

Every part of the plastic syringe is produced with advanced equipment and production technology, and strives for excellence. The product has the characteristics of being not easily broken, the surface is smooth and smooth, and the medicine is safe, more efficient and economical.

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