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How to use feeding syringe when feed animal supplement or medicine

Carrie Aug 22,2019 Share this post:

Now many pharmaceutical manufacturer directly use the feeding plastic syringe to package their medicine or nutritions,like horse warm paste, beneficial bacteria paste, electrolyte paste and so on. So if the medicine or nutrition which you need has the feeding syringe packaging, you can buy this directly. 

dial a dose syringe

If the medicine or nutrition which you want to feed your pets,you can buy the feeding syringe and dispense medicines or nutrition oneself,The medicine or nutrition may be liquid or solid. If the medicine or nutrition is solid, it can be transformed into liquid using a blender,and then you can fill the medicine or nutrition in the feeding syringe.Then you can feeding your pets with the plastic dial a dose syringe.

Then let's talk about how to use the nutrition or medicine packaging feeding syringe for pets,today i will speak with dog for example.

paste syringe for pets

When your dog is force feeding needed,The better method is using the syringe.

First,you need prepare a feeding syringe and some paper towels which can wipe the excess food or medicine off the dog's face.

Then,you need fill the medicine or nutrition in the feeding syringe,or the pharmaceutical manufacturer made

Then,you need pacify your dog and keep it quietness.If the dog resists,you can cut to the chase,you can find 

Then,you try to open the dog's mouth

Then,Insert the syringe and slowly empty the contents into the dog’s mouth. Don’t insert the syringe in the dog’s throat, as this will increase the risk of choking.

Then,close the dog’s mouth and help the dog swallow the food.you can lift the dog’s head,so that the food will get in its throat.

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