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How to choose syringe with wide tip fo pets

Carrie Aug 07,2019 Share this post:

Syringe with wide tip have gradually developed into medical grade plastics, which are light and portable, but at the same time there are many kinds of plastic syringes on the market. Therefore, we mainly need to consider the following points when choosing a feeder:

paste syringe

1.The size of the wide tip syringe should be as close as possible to the need for a single feed, which ensures that the injected dose is at the most appropriate amount.

2. Pump the solution, first pull the needle tube to the maximum capacity position, so that the air in the system can be more conveniently drained when the liquid is pumped. In the process, the air is first drained, and then the liquid is pumped and then according to the required dose. Adjust the position of the needle down.

3. Accuracy test, before starting work, set the required dose and test the accuracy of the pets applicators with twice the scale.

4. Maintenance, after the work is completed, the syringe of pet applicator is properly cleaned and disinfected according to the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure the piston runs smoothly. After drying, place the syringe in a clean place for storage.

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