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Types and structural principles of plastic bottle cap sealing requirements

Carrie Aug 05,2019 Share this post:

The sealing performance of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle cap is generally said to be the sealing performance of the bottle mouth and the cap. The cap has a good sealing performance to prevent leakage of gas and liquid inside the bottle.

pharmaceutical plastic bottle

There are three areas for the cap to provide sealing ability, which are the inner cap of the cap, the outer cap of the cap, and the cap of the cap. Each sealing area has a certain amount of deformation with the mouth of the bottle. This deformation amount constantly applies a certain force to the mouth of the bottle to produce a sealing effect. Not all caps are sealed by three seals, and most caps are used. The inner seal and the outer seal can be used.

For plastic bottle manufacturers, the cap sealing performance is a project that needs continuous monitoring, that is, the sealing performance needs to be checked regularly. Perhaps many small-scale cap factories do not pay much attention to the cap sealing test. Some people may use the original simple method to test the tightness. For example, after sealing the cap, use hand squeeze and foot to check the tightness.

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