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Comparison of barrier detection methods for pharmaceutical plastic bottles

Carrie Jul 30,2019 Share this post:

The output of plastic bottles for pharmaceuticals is growing rapidly. New materials, new processes, new technologies and new products are constantly emerging, which greatly improves the packaging status of pharmaceuticals. Among them, barrier properties are always one of the important indicators of packaging materials. Practice has proved that the use of high barrier packaging materials can effectively improve the quality of drug preservation, and can avoid deterioration of the drug during the shelf life.

effervescent tubes

High-barrier packaging materials such as effervescent tablets, test strip bottles, HDPE bottles, etc. are quickly promoted and applied on the medicine package. However, at present, there is a large randomness in the choice of experimental methods for barrier properties of packaging materials in the field of drug packaging in China. Different test methods will produce different test results, which will undoubtedly affect the correct selection of drug packaging materials, so it is necessary for the country to regulate the detection method of drug packaging materials.

desiccant packaging

YBB0008-2003 "Gas Permeability Measurement Method" further specifies the method for determining the gas permeation amount in the product standard for pharmaceutical containers. The gas permeability test mentioned above also becomes a gas barrier test, a gas barrier test or a gas permeability test. It is mainly used to examine the barrier properties of thin films and flakes to common inorganic gases. 

test strip packaging

The gas permeability test method is convenient for practical operation, and is suitable for drug packaging, composite film for pharmaceutical packaging, medicinal film, multi-layer co-infusion film, composite medicinal ointment, etc. And electricity analysis. Since the two methods cannot be completely described by the same model in the test principle, the test state of the sample under these two test methods is not completely the same, so the test of the same sample under the two test methods is not performed. The data was quantified.

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