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Two-step PET bottle preform temperature adjustment

Carrie Jul 24,2019 Share this post:

The two-step PET bottle preform and the blowing process are relatively independent, and the preform can be transported and stored. Therefore, after a period of storage, the preforms have been sufficiently cooled to reach normal temperature, and the initial temperature is relatively uniform.

When blowing the bottle, the preform is sent to the heating furnace after being finished by the blank equipment. The heat source of the heating furnace is an infrared heating tube, which is arranged in groups at a certain interval in the height direction of the preform, and the heating power of each group is controlled and regulated by the PLC. The preform is continuously rotated during the conveying process of the heating furnace, and the temperature of the preform can be controlled in stages along the height direction.

Since the heating process may cause the bottle mouth to be heated and cause unintended deformation, the bottle mouth is to be cooled and protected throughout the heating process, so cooling water is used.

The temperature adjustment and control of the preform has been segmented to the desired problem, so that the material of the formed bottle can be distributed according to the design requirements to achieve the desired wall thickness and mechanical properties.

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