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Packaging material suitable for oral liquid preparations-PET

Carrie Jul 23,2019 Share this post:

First of all, the PET bottle is light in weight, easy to form and the bottle is firm. Its strength and elasticity are significantly higher than other plastic materials. It can withstand considerable impact without damage. It has good transparency and is most suitable as a medicine bottle with thin wall, light weight and high strength.

oral liquid bottle-PET

Secondly, the medicinal PET oral liquid bottle has good gas barrier properties. Among the commonly used plastic materials, PET bottles have the best performance in blocking water vapor and oxygen, and can fully meet the special storage requirements of pharmaceutical packaging. PET has excellent chemical resistance and can be used for packaging all items except strong alkali and some organic solvents.

Because PET raw materials are not only a harmless resin, but also a pure resin without any additives, it is considered to be a qualified by passing the strict medical and food hygiene laws including the United States, Europe and Japan. And safe medicine and food packaging materials.

At present, the oral liquid preparation medicinal plastic bottle made of PET as the main raw material is one of the most ideal packaging products in terms of appearance, gloss, physical and chemical properties and quality assurance.

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