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Polyethylene bottle should meet those quality requirements

Carrie Jul 03,2019 Share this post:

In the medicinal polyethylene bottle, the degree of sealing of the bottle mouth affects the safety of the drug, and the injection blow molding method has high precision on the bottle mouth and thread size, good dimensional accuracy, uniform wall thickness, and is suitable for pharmaceutical packaging of pharmaceutical enterprises. Special requirements. Polyethylene bottles as pharmaceutical packaging need to meet the following three requirements:

child resistant cap

First of all, polyethylene bottles should be adapted to the needs of different circulation conditions. Drugs in the circulation field can be affected by transportation handling conditions, storage time, climate change, etc., so the packaging of drugs should be compatible with these conditions. If you are afraid that frozen drugs should be sent to cold areas, you should add cold-proof packaging; medicine packaging measures should be considered in areas with relative humidity. Similarly, when packaging exported drugs, the specific situation of the exporting country should be fully considered, and the possibility of affecting the quality of the drug due to packaging should be minimized.

Secondly, the polyethylene bottle should be compatible with the contents, and the packaging should take different measures according to the physical and chemical properties of the contained drugs and the characteristics of the dosage form. If the light is prone to deterioration, a light-shielding container should be used to expose the easily oxidizable drugs in the air.

Third, the packaging that meets the standardization requirements and meets the standardization requirements is conducive to ensuring the quality of the drug; facilitating the transportation, loading and unloading and storage of the drug; facilitating the identification and measurement, facilitating the mechanized loading and unloading of modern ports; facilitating the reduction of packaging, transportation and storage costs.

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