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Main types of veterinary syringes

Carrie Jun 26,2019 Share this post:

1. Main types and scope of application of needleless veterinary syringes

Currently, there are four main types of needle-free syringes, namely split type, pistol type, pen type and table top. The pen type is mostly used for disposable human or small animals; the table top is mostly for vaccination of young birds; the split type and pistol type are mostly used for various animal injection vaccines or health care drugs.

veterianry syringe

2. The main structure of the needleless syringe (pistol type)

The main components of the needleless injector system (in the case of a pistol type) include: needleless continuous syringes, drug storage containers (sterile needles, vials, pouches), catheters, spare dose modules and power sections, trachea and trachea Fast joints, pressure regulators, cylinder valves, barometers, CO2 cylinders or air compressors. The composition is characterized in that: the drug storage container is connected to the pipe head through the liquid guiding tube, and the two ends of the gas pipe and the gas pipe quick connector are respectively connected with the needleless continuous syringe and the pressure regulating valve, and the pressure regulating valve is connected with the air pressure meter and then the gas cylinder valve, The CO2 cylinder or air compressor is connected.

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