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paste syringe for dogs

Carrie Jun 24,2019 Share this post:

Probiotic paste available in 30ml and 60ml easy to use calibrated syringes. 

At present, there are two main problems in the veterinary syringe rubber stopper guiding cylinder:

1. The gap between the outer wall of the rubber guide guiding cylinder and the inner wall of the syringe and the smoothness and compression ratio of the rubber plug during operation and the inner wall of the rubber guiding cylinder. The inner surface of the rubber plug guiding cylinder is too low, and the friction coefficient is too large, so that it is easy to produce particles on the rubber plug; the inner diameter of the rubber guiding cylinder is too small, which will affect the compression ratio of the rubber plug, and the compression ratio is too large, which not only destroys the characteristics of the rubber plug. It will also increase the inner wall friction coefficient, resulting in the production of rubber stopper particles.

2, for anaerobic drugs, before the plug, must be filled with inert gas nitrogen, so it must be considered that the plug is not affected by the presence of nitrogen gas holes because of the presence of nitrogen gas holes caused by the rubber plugs through the rubber plug guide tube and nitrogen holes Scratches are generated to produce particles, so consider how to scientifically and reasonably arrange the nitrogen holes and define the inner diameter of the nitrogen holes.

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