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How does syringe for cow mastitis work

Carrie Jun 21,2019 Share this post:

Sterile, non-antibiotic paste for intramammary infusion of nonlactating cows as an aid in preventing new mastitis infections throughout the dry period by providing a malleable barrier in the teat canal. Mimics the cow's natural first line of intramammary defense, the keratin plug. Contains bismuth subnitrate, a safe, inert sealant with a high specific gravity that allows it to sink into fissures and folds of the teat canal, forming a nearly impenetrable barrier that remains in place for 100 days or more. Results in fewer cases of mastitis. No residue, no milk withholding.

syringe for cow mastitis

Dosage and administration: After last milking at dry-off, clean and disinfect the teats with the alcohol swabs provided, then infuse the entire contents of one syringe into each quarter by inserting the nozzle into the teat and applying gentle continuous pressure to the plunger until the paste is expressed.

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