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How to keep seal of sterile vials for injection

Carrie Jun 17,2019 Share this post:

Sterial vial for injection is a common mainly used for holding veterinery vaccine, can play a good role and advantages in the actual use of the packaging process, in the production process requires a certain production processes and technical processes, so as to be able to effectively ensure the stability of oral liquid bottle after the factory during use.

If you want to ensure the excellent sealing performance of sterile bottles, the main need to pay attention to two aspects,

First, vaccine bottle production process, advanced production technology can effectively guarantee the quality of products, but also to make the production of products with good sealing performance.For example, the production process of injection blow produced products not only beautiful appearance, and the overall uniformity of the bottle, high quality.

Second, the mold has a greater impact on the sealing of sterile vials for injection, a good mold design, can effectively ensure the quality of the bottle machine production, sealing, etc. to achieve the relevant standards.Therefore, to ensure good sealing performance plastic sterile bottles mainly from these two aspects to deal with.

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