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How to use urine glucose test strips?

Carrie May 14,2019 Share this post:

How to use urine glucose test strips:

1. Invade the test strip into the urine (the best in the middle section of the urine), and take it out after soaking (about 1-2 seconds);

2. Remove the test paper from the edge of the container to remove excess urine;

3. Observe the color of the test strip in 30-60 seconds and compare it with the colorimetric plate to measure the result.

4, the results of the judgment: (test paper from light blue to brown red to indicate the test results) light blue means no diabetes, with "-"; brown red indicates diabetes, the deeper the "+" number, the more serious the diabetes.

5. According to the amount of sugar in the urine, the test paper exhibits different color changes in depth and depth. Because the color of the test paper varies, the test results are also inconsistent, with positive and negative points. If the color is blue, it means that there is no sugar in the urine, which means a negative result. The symbol is (-): it is green, and it is a plus sign (+), indicating that the urine contains 0.3%-0.5%; it is yellow-green. Two plus signs (++). Explain that the urine sugar is 0.5%-1.0%; it is orange and is three plus signs (+++). The urine contains %1%-2%; it is brick red, with four plus signs (++++) or above, and the urine contains more than 2% sugar.

urine glucose test strips bottle

When storing the urine sugar test strips bottle, close the stopper and store it in a cool dry place.

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