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How to store test strip vials

Carrie May 13,2019 Share this post:

The test strip vial is mainly used for the storage of urine sugar test strips, and most test strips require a desiccant evenly, so the test strip tube stores the desiccant in the bottle cap. The cap is made of moisture-proof and capped to ensure the validity of the test strip.

test strip packaging

Urine sugar test paper is a special test paper used by urine sugar patients to check their urine sugar. According to the catalysis of glucose oxidase to form gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen peroxide forms water and atomic oxygen under the catalytic action of catalase, and atomic oxygen can oxidize certain colorless compounds into colored The principle of the compound is to fix the above two enzymes and a colorless compound on a paper strip to prepare an enzyme test paper for testing the urine sugar content.

Urine sugar reflects the average blood glucose concentration during urine collection. Glucose is filtered out in the glomerulus and is actively reabsorbed in the proximal tubule. Immerse the end of the reagent strip with the reagent into a container containing fresh urine, and take it out after about 2 seconds. Compare the color of one end of the test strip reagent with the standard colorimetric plate on the test strip, and the color can be the same. Probably determine the content of urine sugar.

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