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How to choose packaging for different medicine

Carrie May 10,2019 Share this post:

Different medicine need different medicine, let's talk about the following four bottle for which medicine.

plastic packaging

First, plastic tube with desiccant cap for tablets, there are six sizes for customers to choose, which including 84*27mm, 92*21mm, 96mm*36mm, 99*27mm, 133*27mm, 144*27mm. 

Second, our patent bottle-desiccant bottle, which function is similar to plastic tube. There are silica gel desiccant in the cap, which can keepthe bottle in a dry environment.

Third, plastic veterinary syringe has two types, one is syringe with narrow tip, another is syringe with wide tip. syringe with narrow tip main for cow mastitis or gel cockroach medicine. Syringe with wide tip main for horse or pets paste supplement.

Fourth, Child proof medicine bottles including many sizes,  from 45ml to 200ml.

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